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Would you like to present a new annual work plan for your team? Do you need to generate new ideas to expand your business? Or would you like to meet your colleagues to present a new project or launch a new product?

The Savini Hotel with its meeting rooms is your conference centre on the beach in Bellaria. The design is refined and modern and our staff will constantly take care of your organizational requirements for a precise room planning and to best suit our services during your event.

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Horizon Conference Room

If you would like to organize exclusive events to really impress your audience or sponsors, you absolutely need to discover or Panoramic Horizon room at the top floor of the Savini Hotel.

A room with a breath-taking view onto the sea, with external terrace and everything you need for meetings or business conferences.

The Orizzonte conference hall, on the top floor of the Hotel Savini, offers exclusivity and elegance, in a unique setting for your corporate events. Strategically located overlooking the sea, it offers the perfect combination of luxurious furnishings, comfort and premium services to ensure the success of your professional meetings.

Exclusivity and comfort

Immersed in a classy atmosphere, our guests will enjoy refined furnishings and a breathtaking sea view. Armchairs complete the exclusive ambience of the conference hall, designed to accommodate a maximum of 60 people, ensuring an intimate and personalised experience.

Special events and related activities

The Orizzonte conference hall offers the possibility of organising special events, such as show cooking and other interactive activities. Our services include:

  • Customised arrangements to meet our clients' needs
  • Gourmet dining and dinner at the renowned Infinity Restaurant
  • Buffet lunches on the beach for an informal and relaxing experience
  • Use of the relaxation area and organisation of team building to foster corporate cohesion
  • Coffee breaks on the panoramic balcony overlooking the sea for a moment of relaxation and inspiration

Flexible arrangements

Different arrangements to suit the needs of your event:

  • Up to 60 people in cabaret arrangement
  • Up to 26 people in a horseshoe or imperial arrangement, with the possibility of creating two separate arrangements
  • Up to 60 people in a classical arrangement

Technological services and equipment

The Orizzonte conference hall is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to guarantee an unprecedented experience:

  • 2 maxi electro-wrap-up screens and 2 projectors for high-level presentations
  • High-quality amplification for crystal-clear audio
  • Translation service and video filming on demand, with professional cameras
  • The Congress Hall can be darkened with curtains for total control of brightness
  • Dedicated control console for impeccable technical support

Professional staff and excellent customer service

Our highly qualified staff is always available to guarantee impeccable service and to satisfy your every request. We are ready to assist you in creating customised settings and to offer you maximum comfort for your event.


Parking to ensure the comfort and peace of mind of our guests during their stay at our hotel.

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Acquamarina Room - 85mq

Top quality and a wide designer space. This exclusive location can host up to 70 people audience. It is perfect for important events with a structured audience and much personal space. The room is equipped with modern tools and can be arranged in different ways: with audience, u-shaped or single table.

The room has a pleasant natural light and there are windows for best air recirculation, together with a centralized air circulation system. Therefore, this room is perfect for fully safe meetings. It is also equipped for videoconferencing and small meetings.

See floor plan.

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Acqua Room - 40mq

The Intermediate Room was obtained with the separation of part of the Plenary Room, from which it takes the elegant style and the top-professional level of the equipment. This smaller environment is lit by natural light, it also has windows and a central ventilation system.

The space is well soundproofed and quiet, designed to maximize the productivity of your event. Again, the set-up can be customized to your needs with audience, u-shaped table, and single table. The environment is also suitable for remote meetings.

See flor plan

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Marina Room

This space is well soundproofed and quiet, the arrangement can be personalized based on your requirements: audience, u-shaped, single table. Perfect for fully safe meetings with external air recirculation thanks to the windows.

See floor plan

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We will also take care about your food: gala dinner, lunch break, aperitif, coffee break (even on the beach, if you want!) …quality always comes first for us.

Our meeting rooms are designed to offer you comfort, functionality and top-quality service for all participants.



The world is made of dreams, whats is your favourite place for dreaming?

We would like to inspire you and offer you a unique experience in large and modern rooms with exclusive designer furniture. Tailored space and comfort for your relax time.

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Treat yourself with the private luxury of relaxing in the penthouse. Endless wellbeing in the spa suite.

Go up to the fifth floor: the Infinity and Incanto Suites will open a magic world to your eyes. Minimal lines and precious details will offer you unique feelings to enjoy for yourself or to share with your loved ones.

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