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media.hotel-con-piscina-a-bellaria-igea-marina 1
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Pool Lovers


Entrance to the swimming pool is free if you book directly with the hotel

A new service with sea view, to be fully enjoyed!

It is time to indulge in relax, let your worries go and delight your eyes and heart with a wonderful view: our swimming pool facing the sea. A small natural wonder, you can only find in seaside cities like Bellaria-Igea Marina.

From sunrise to sunset, the sun will reflect on water: you can relax in the whirlpool, take a nice swim, or enjoy a cocktail on the poolside, ordering from the bar. 

The swimming pool is on the beach, in the Savini al Mare Ristò area, for an experience joining the good taste of relax and the good taste of our food.


Treat yourself with the private luxury of relaxing in the penthouse. Endless wellbeing in the spa suite.

Go up to the fifth floor: the Infinity and Incanto Suites will open a magic world to your eyes. Minimal lines and precious details will offer you unique feelings to enjoy for yourself or to share with your loved ones.

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The world is made of dreams, whats is your favourite place for dreaming?

We would like to inspire you and offer you a unique experience in large and modern rooms with exclusive designer furniture. Tailored space and comfort for your relax time.

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