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Panoramic "Orizzonte" Restaurant

Delicious sea-view moments

Surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the sea horizon, the panoramic Orizzonte restaurant is located on the 6th floor of the Savini hotel and offers you a unique experience.

It is a magical place, suspended in time, to be experienced amidst music, excellent drinks and all the relaxation it deserves.

The place to be, where you can switch off for a rich breakfast in summer, or where you can organise your private event.

For events tailored to you

Would you like to organise an engaging cooking show? Or perhaps an unforgettable evening for your company? The Sala Orizzonte is more than just a charming environment: it is the ideal setting for your most exclusive events.
Apericena, birthdays or ceremonies, here you will find the perfect space to make each of your appointments special, to experience together with those you love a fabulous horizon overlooking the blue.

Summer breakfasts with breathtaking views

From June to September, enjoy the start of the day with a special breakfast served in this enchanting setting. A moment of relaxation and pleasure to get you off to the best possible start, while the horizon over the sea adds a magical touch to every bite.

An experience involving all senses

Enter a world where lunch and dinner become an exciting live performance, a symphony of flavours and creativity unfolding before your eyes.
Immersed in the magic of the moment, you will find yourself enjoying culinary delights as the chef, with skill and passion, completes each dish right in front of you. You will not be a mere spectator: you will be an integral part of this culinary spectacle. The sea embraces your gaze, giving you an unparalleled view, while the seductive aromas of the dishes dance in the air, preparing you for the gustatory journey that is about to begin.
This is the Orizzonte Restaurant Hall: where beauty, flavours and elegance come together.

Privacy, elegance, and a refined space… 
with an incredible view.
The most glamourous date
is with a sea view! 




The world is made of dreams, whats is your favourite place for dreaming?

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